What is about ? is about one thing...understanding physical pain. This site details and explains the work of Dr. Laura Perry, co-founder of The Institute of Trigger Point Therapy.
       The primary operating theme of is simple: Physical pain is much more than just an annoying physical sensation, it is a method of communication. Pain has its own language, and you must understand this language if you hope to free yourself of this pain on a long term basis.
Learn more about understanding physical pain.

Who is Dr. Laura Perry ?
      Laura Perry DC, LMT is a chiropractor in the greater Houston area that specializes in
Clinical Trigger Point Therapy. Over the last 10 years, Dr. Perry has gained a reputation for her remarkable ability to understand and relieve many types of physical pain. Learn more about Dr. Perry and The Institute of Trigger Point Therapy.

Guide to
     This website is divided into the following primary sections:

Trigger Point Therapy Information      
      The section is intended to provide general information about Trigger Point Therapy and Dr. Perry's own clinical services. In this section you will also find more specific information about particular trigger points and the roles that they play in common types of pain, such as
low back pain, headaches, etc. You will also find a Directory of Certified Trigger Point Therapists in the Greater Houston Area in this section.

Trigger Point Therapy Classes and Instruction      
      This section details Dr. Laura Perry's Trigger Point Therapy training programs and classes for fellow healthcare professionals. You will find more information about Dr. Perry's
60 hour Clinical Trigger Point Therapy Certification Program, Trigger Point Continuing Education Classes for massage therapists, and information about the upcoming Clinical Trigger Point Therapy textbook and Instructional DVD set.

Trigger Point Therapy Self Treatment Methods     
       The section details
The Pain Whisperer Method™, Dr. Perry's system of self applied Trigger Point Therapy. Outline

Trigger Point Therapy Information: Look here If you are a new or prospective patient of Dr. Perry, or are simply looking for information about Trigger Point Therapy.

Trigger Point Therapy Classes and Programs: If you are a fellow healthcare practitioner, and would like to learn more about Dr. Perry's Clinical Trigger Point Classes and 60-hour Certification Program, choose this path.

The PainWhisperer Method™: Choose this path to learn about Dr. Perry's upcoming manual and DVD set, titled The PainWhisperer Method™. This educational set is designed to teach the general public how to understand their physical pain, and how to apply Dr.Perry's treatment methods to themselves or loved ones.

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