A New Beginning For Your Practice.
      Whether your a physician, chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist or bodyworker, Clinical Trigger Point Therapy has a great deal to offer your healthcare practice. With its strong foundation in medical science, Dr. Perry's adaptation of Dr. Travell's myofascial pain research can enhance the effectiveness of any system of manual therapy or bodywork. Consider the following questions:
  • How much more effective would you be in your practice if you could locate the source (or sources) of your patient's pain immediately and decisively?
  • How much more confidence would your client's have in your services if you could recreate and/or confirm their pain complaint within the first few minutes of the treatment or session?
  • How much more confident would you be of your own services if you had the unique ability to understand the "message" behind the pain of each individual client or patient?

How Clinical Trigger Point Therapy is Different
      The material presented in this program distinguishes itself from other bodywork systems and therapies in the following ways:
  • Professional Medical Science: Over 40 years of medical research contribute to the fundamental techniques and theories of this program. Is any other manual therapy system based on such a well-proven foundation?
  • Comprehensive Treatment Protocols: To achieve consistent clinical results, it is imperative to address all the trigger points involved with a particular pain complaint. This requires understanding how trigger points interact and develop in relation to one another. Dr. Perry has developed her clinical protocols with the understanding that the majority of pain complaints are multiple trigger point phenomenon.
  • Freedom to Adapt: Dr. Perry's program teaches participants to listen to and understand a client's or patient's pain. Though comprehensive treatment protocols are detailed to help guide new practitioners, ultimate clinical effectiveness is achieved by listening and responding to your client's physical pain. The freedom to customize a session to the needs of an individual client is the application of Clinical Trigger Point Therapy in its highest form.

What You Will Learn in This Program
  • A complete understanding of current Trigger Point Theory including the 4 types of trigger points, referred pain, and trigger point release methods.
  • How to precisely locate and release 90+ trigger points in 45 muscle groups.
  • How to employ Biomechanical principles to recognize which of your client's muscles contain trigger points before you even touch them.
  • Fourteen Trigger Point Pain Protocols designed to efficiently and effectively address the most common pain complaints.
  • Specialized Stretch-Release techniques derived from Karel Levit's unique system of Post Isometric Release. These techniques function as an alternate method of trigger point release.
  • A five minute Self-Applied Wrist & Hand Pain routine for dealing with overuse syndromes related to the practice of manual therapies.
  • A twenty minute Stress Relief & Postural Protocol designed to alleviate trigger point induced muscle tension in the postural muscle groups of the body.
  • A Soft Tissue Spinal Release Protocol that is more effective than traditional Chiropractic or Osteopathic manipulation.
  • And much, much more.

Become A Member of Dr. Perry's Network of Certified Trigger Point Therapists.
      Program participants that complete the required course work and pass a Certification Exam become members of Dr. Perry's Network of Certified Trigger Point Therapists. Benefits include:

  • A Bio-Page in the Therapist Directory on this website, enhancing your visibility with the general public.
  • An expanded client or patient referral base from Dr. Perry and other network members.
  • Access to members-only advanced training materials and events.
  • A network members-only Forum to discuss your clinical experiences with Dr. Perry and other Certified Trigger Point Therapists.
  • Additional resources for continuing your Clinical Trigger Point Therapy education.

The Next Step.
     Your next step in becoming a Clinical Trigger Point Therapist is to view the
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